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Garden Clearance

Domestic and Commercial

Professional Garden Clearance Services in London

Has your garden become overgrown and is no longer a habitable space? Have you got a pile of stuff in your garden that you just never get round to clearing? Or maybe a garden shed jammed full of old junk you don’t need? If you have all these problems regarding your overgrown garden, then you are in urgent need of garden clearance.

Clear the Lot is a professional garden clearance company that offers a wide ange of garden clearance services. We are experts in clearing overgrown gardens, removing garden waste and debris, pruning and trimming overgrown trees and hedges, and even dismantling sheds and greenhouses. Clear the Lot has a team of trained professionals who are experienced in handling all kinds of garden clearance projects, from small residential gardens to large commercial properties.

We clear all the below and much, much more:

We have a dedicated, experienced team, with a strong work ethic. We are not time wasters and we will only take on work that we feel we are truly capable of completing in a highly competent and professional manner. Our core purpose is to completely clear a totally overgrown garden, using our wide range of power tools, disposing of all waste.

We offer free advice on all landscape issues after a clearance contract is in place, and will be available for ongoing maintenance and seasonal replanting for the future.

Clear The Lot can help you!

Gardens can easily become an area where general household waste and rubbish build up. Not only does this take up space but, more importantly, it can also become a health and safety hazard! Waste can attract rodents, foxes and insects, and creates an unpleasant environment for your neighbours and, most importantly, you and your family.

We provide garden waste clearance, Overgrown Garden Clearance and garden clearance services to many clients who are looking to put a house on sale and where the garden waste is bringing down the value of the property. So whether you are looking to sell your house, re-design your garden, or get back to the good life – rest assured we can provide a hassle free solution for you!

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